If you have to manage a few websites or perhaps hundreds or any other multi-units of information then this intelligently automated online program is for you.
  In most cases the security of the media is a common responsibility; but ease of reference is still a necessity.
  What "information manager" offers you is an online adjustable parameter encrypted database that will only allow access from a set user list of URL's
   The DBase can be exported and imported for backup purposes or transferred to another server.
  Encryption can be converted only if you know the original encryption code.
•Modifiable User column names for personalization(dblClick name)
•DBL click actions for all data information entries(including Google search submit).
•Auto calendar for date entries.
•Programmable invoice emailing to management or directly to client.
•The programs heartbeat is from the web servers cron service for reliability
•All transaction's are logged.
•Automated taxing for local compliance.
•Automated CPI allocation and control.
•Automated date notification with settable intelligent notices.
•Have all your associated business web links displayed.
•Available in Multiple language setups.
•Print client information sheets.